burgerIn my pursuit of shedding some pounds I had the brilliant of idea of forgoing counting calories and measuring appropriate portions and just focused on eliminating the culprit-fat. All type of fats were banned: reduced, low-fat or fat-free labeled. Found a delicious fat-free cookbook and so began my experiment of healthy eating.

Well, about two weeks into the diet, I couldn’t even stand straight. After a few steps the floor seemed to spin before me and the extreme dizzy spells gradually lasted longer. My concentration and focus became sluggish to the point I found the simplest task overwhelmingly difficult. Since this never happened to me before the diet, I decided to eat a fatty meal by adding cheese to it.

Right away I felt so much better, my whole body relaxed and the constant dull headache vanished. Complete wake-up call: Fats are not evil and are necessary for bodily functions. Of course, in moderation and healthy omega fats are preferred, like those in olive oil and avocados. Lesson learned.