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If like me, you’re a bit of a pickle fanatic, you will adore makdous. Baby aubergines stuffed with a mixture of walnuts, chilli, pepper and garlic, pickled in vinegar until tangy and then submerged in olive oil until tender –  my sister and I were recently wowed by these at Arabica restaurant and left me wanting to preserve my very own stash. As with all the most rewarding things to eat, these do take a while to make, especially if you are in search of Maximum Pickle Intensity. Having said that, they are pretty straightforward to prepare (I got my baby aubergines from Sainsbury’s online, so no need to panic if you don’t live anywhere ethnically rich).
We ate these with feta, olives, tomato salad, flat breads and smoked taramasalata, but they are also very good eaten in the Levantine fashion – mashed and stuffed into hot pitta bread…

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