Cats are fickle creatures. Buy the wrong cat food, he will ignore you for a day. Wear the wrong cologne, and he will attack your face.

At least that’s what 44-year-old father of two Ian Olver found when a neighbor’s cat, Blue, had a violent reaction to his new Hugo Boss Bottled NightOlver doesn’t normally wear “posh” aftershave, but the one time he decided to trot out his Christmas gift? Cat attack.

Here’s Olver’s dramatic account, according to the Plymouth Herald:

I put on two or three squirts before going out but it wasn’t as though it was overpowering. But as soon as I was inside the cat leapt up off table and landed on the back of my head. I managed to fling it off but it jumped up to have another go. This time I managed to knock it away with my shoulder. It was only then that I…

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